UI, Fuctional Design
Ongoing Project is a watchface marketplace and watchface maker, where I create watchfaces of various styles for fun, and to address an absence of feminine and queer representation on the platform.   

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Naturally Queer

Naturally Queer is a design series focusing on queer representation in the natural world. Animals, plants, and social creatures have been much more queer than we've seen throughout history. This project subverts the heteronormative lens by adding visibility beyond the false narratives we assume.

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Illustration, Social Practice
2011 - Ongoing

Historically, visual representations of genitals have not included foreskin (prepuce) in the US. This silence has shaped a fundamentally misinformed idea of the prepuce. By creating visually accurate representations of genitals, this project seeks to shed light on both the appearance and function of foreskin on various bodies across the gender spectrum. Viewers have the opportunity to see what, in the Western world and the United States in particular, has been culturally constructed as superfluous skin on some bodies. This ongoing project encourages the normalization of diversity.

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Raleigh, North Carolina